DB2 DBA Level 2

Sr. No. Topics Measurement criteria
1 Listening and Communication Skills Candidate should be able to express himself. Speak cleary on the technology and  database issues. Email and telphone/bridge etiquettes desirable.
2 Process concept Incident,Problem and Change management concept. SLA concept.High level idea of Prod ,Pre-prod and test env.
3 Unix operating system concept( stress on AIX) - Kernel Architecture, Command Differences between Aix and Linux, etc Candidate should be able to use OS utilities to monitor CPU, Memory and disk utilization. Able to use vi with ease. Proficient in grep,copy,move, scp, ftp,chown, chmod, rm, mkdir and other common commands. Should be able to differentiate between database and OS file system monitor space utilization. Concept of Unix users and group, Physical, logical volume group, File system structure. Should be clear on OS and database script execution methodology. Knowledge about shells. Sudo concept desirable.
4 Basic network concept Remote and local client connectivity. TCPIP protocol use telnet, ssh as required. Should be proficient in usage of Putty. 
5 Windows basic concept  Should be able to  check server cpu and memory utilization. Check the service state and stop,start as required. Create new users and domain user concepts. Windows server administration.Job Scheduling, Password change, S/W downloading methods.
6 DB2 LUW V 9.7 and V10.1 database concepts and architecture. DB2 client and server concept. Candidate should have good understanding of db2 software editions and product offering. Database relational concepts. DB2 engine and architecture. Able to tell new database features. Deprecated and disconitinued functionality concept. Differentiate between server and client.
7 Overview of DB2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows - Architecture (Storage, Process, Memory Models),Threads/process, Instance, DAS, Fence, Registry and Environment setup, Database, DB Objects. State the functions of the Structured Query Language (SQL), and be able to construct DDL, DML, and authorization statements.Discuss basic relational database concepts and objects such as tables, indexes, views, and joins.
8 Command Line Processor (CLP) and GUI usage  Candidate should be able to use db2clp on windows and interactive db2 commands on Unix based system to work on the database. They should be able to work on Datastudio and use it to manage the database.
9 The DB2 environment Knowledge on db2 registry variables. Modify update database and database manager parameters. Knowledge on db2 profile and should be able to setup a client environment for connecting to database.
10 Creating databases and data placement  Manage System Managed Storage (SMS), Database Managed Storage (DMS), and Automatic Storage databases and apply data placement principles. Good idea on automtatic storage concepts is required.
11 Administrating database objects  Should be able to run script which has ddl , dml commands. Check the result and communicate to application team on success/failure. Insert/delete recrods from table. Create tables and indexes on sms/dms tablespaces or on automatic storage defined tablespace.
12 Movement and Maintenance Utilities Should be able to use the load, export and import utility. Use reorg and monitor the status. Run the runstats as and when required and check the status. Should  know about other database tools and utilities.
13 Backup and recovery  Configuring database for archival logging. Differentiate between circular and archival logging.Setup TSM server for db2 backup. Able to identify database related file system.Schedule database backup in cron and monitor the backup.Should be able to differentiate between full, incremental and delta backup. Restore database in normal and redirected restore mode. Idea on recovery enhancement  table recovery concept , database rebuild etc.
14 Database Maintenance, Monitoring and Problem Determination  Monitor database components based on their criticality.Take actions to resolve normal database alerts like table space full, lock runstats failure, backup failure log full etc. Enable and Monitor STMM for a database. Monitor database KPI and provide the monitoring/snapshot result to application team for performance issues. Candidates shoule be aware of sysibmadm view and normal database snapshot tables.
15 Locking and concurrency Good idea on db2 diagnostic logging( db2diag.log and notification log). Windows logging for db2 database. Able to see the error  messages in diagnostic log files and take actions accordingly. Use db2explain db2exfmt utility as and when required.Diagonizing the Lock Problems, Lock Attributes, Waits, Deadlock and Lock Escalations and their avoidance. 
16 Security - Authentication and Authorizations, Data Encryption techniques. Perform Health Checking and Remediation Should know how to add users to database and give appropriate privilege. Should be able to differentiate between user and admin privileges and check the user privilege on database objects. Perform normal helth check on database to make sure it's available for use before the start of business operations.
17 Idea on basic trobleshooting  use db2pd and db2top to look into db2 issues. Communicate to the senior resources on issue. Save the logs and work done. Raise the call with IBM Support as and when required. Should know how to run db2support and other tools/utilities for troubleshooting.
18 Basic Idea on SQL/Q replication Able to identify if database is enabled for replication. What precautions need to be in place to manage such database etc. Aware of basic replication architecture.
19 Idea on DB2 HADR and other HA solutions ( HACMP ) Monitor HADR replication between databases and interpret normal issues. Knowledge on HACMP implementation and monitoring.
20 Basic idea on DB2 DPF and database backup Should be able to trigger backup for DPF environment. Differentiate between logical and physical DPF environment. DPF architecture concept.
21 Setup catalog and remote DB administrations - Manage remote connectivity definitions, including inter database connectivity Catalog database for client connectivity.
22 DB2 Tools utilities usage Should be able to use database utilities with ease ( load, export ,import, runstats etc). Enable db2 audit on a database. All db2 command line tools and gui tools.
23 DB2 Installation - required userids and groups, Install license, Fixpacks. Shoule be able to install db2 and apply fixpack to various db2 editions. Download correct fixpack from fixpack central and install it on the server. Should be able to idetify and executre pre-requisite for fixpack install. Able to do rolling fixpack upgrade and apply fixpack in hacmp environment. Idea on db2 migration from older to new level.
24 DB2instance - creation, drop, listing, starting, stopping, configuring, Attaching Should be able to create the instance .Apply db2 license ,stop and start instance as and when required. Froce the applications from single and multiple databases. Identify correct application to force etc.
25 Database directories - system, local, node, DCS Good knowledge on database file system layout on widows and Unix based system. 
26 Knowlegde on db2 connect  
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