Virtual Hiring

Hire affordable virtual employees from GSS Infosoft Limited.

We assemble the best talent from the finest institutes to work for us and help us build a better technological environment in our office.

Hire affordable virtual employees from our pool of resources and they shall work as your full time employees while sitting at our offices. They shall utilize our state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the security protocols build in.

Some reasons why you should hire resources on a monthly basis from GSSIL

Dedicated Professional

We allocate the finest resource matching your requirements and enable dedicated virtual staff hiring. Work hours per week are set to 40, with weekends being off. For any urgent requests coming in, the resources can work overnight or on weekends even, ensuring uncompromised priority.

Daily Reportings

All work done is reported back using our project management system, which lets you comment and provide feedback on the work. Our QA team will ensure that the work done matches the industry standards and there are minimal errors, thus, saving your time.


You can always enjoy flexibility in terms of technology, as there are many professionals who assist the resources as and when needed. This ensures that your project does not suffer even if the resources are not well acquainted with something new which is to be accomplished.


Only the best in the teams are selected for virtual staffing. They have the minimum experience needed to create wonders. We have SLA agreements so as to assure you that these resources will not be replaced. We believe that the work flow must never be hampered.

More Accountability

With our diligent resources, we make sure that clients are always given a privileged treatment, and also see to it that every action of the resources is reported. Above all, you get to completely monitor their work using screen grab software and tools.

Flexi Timings

If needed, the timings of the resources can be synchronized with your local timings. This depends on what skill set you want to hire. So, kindly let us know about your virtual hiring plans in advance, so that we can act accordingly.

We offer dedicated resources for:


- Expert

- User Interface Designer

- Mobile Applications (iOS / Android)

- HTML5 Expert

- WordPress Developers

- SEO Experts

- Content Writers

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